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Are Rock Climbing Shoes Supposed To Be Tight?

The stereotype around rock climbing shoes is, "The shoes need to be so tight that the toes should be almost curled all of the way."But in reality, this is simply not the case. But even still, when you ask a veteran climber, the answer is almost always: very tight.

The reason many climber say this involves the feeling when you are on top of a foothold. A tight shoe gives the foot a lot feeling when rock climbing, and many people love this. Many climbers (including me) think that this feeling helps with our rock climbing abilities.

But truly, you do not need a bone shattering hug on your foot to get this result. The common answer to this question is: make sure your toes are in a flat or very slightly curved comfortable position, and that your knuckles are not pressing against the top of the shoe. When in doubt, if the shoe is a real struggle to get on, then chances are the shoe is too tight. It should be at a snug point, not a tight point.

And that is really all to it. This process is truly based on how the shoe fits your foot and how comfortable your willing to go. If you want a deeper look into how an agressive shoe should feel compared to a neutral shoe, you can go to into "What Rock Climbing Shoes Should I Buy?" There are some aggressive shoes (like the Evolv Shaman's) where the shoe is not going to be comfortable even when it is fitting right. That is just a matter of preference.

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