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Can Rock Climbing Shoes Get Wet?

The simple answer to this question is yes. But there is more to it than that.

Almost all rock climbing shoes are made to get wet in one way or another, whether it being to wash them or go climbing in the rain. Before you do these things, you want to read these points first.

You can wash rock climbing shoes in many ways. You can do it in your sink, or throw them in the washing machine. One thing you want to determine first is the material your shoe is made out of. Synthetic material is the easiest option here because it can dry and holds its shape pretty easily. You can throw synthetic shoes into the way without a problem. Leather on the other hand, can be different. Leather is more prone to stretching when wet, causing the shoe to become looser and baggy. When cleaning leather shoes, I suggest hand washing them to help conserve the shape a little more. Furthermore, if the leather is dyed (in most cases), the dye from the leather can mix with other clothes if they are in the washing machine at the same time, so something to keep in mind.

Rock climbing shoes can talk a long time to dry. I would suggest letting them dry for at least 3 days before putting them back on. If they are still moist and you use them, chances are they can grow mold and mildew, making the shoe smelly and disgusting.

I would also not suggest rock climbing outdoors in the rain. It just simply isn't worth the time and effort to clean the shoes and let them dry afterwards. Also, wet rock makes rock climbing practically impossible, so even when you get there, your performance may not.

Hopefully this answers your question on whether rock climbing shoes can get wet. There are always many variables when talking about this type of information, but these are the main basics and knowledge you need in order to succeed with rock climbing in the future.

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