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How to Stay Fit For Climbing During Covid-19

Updated: May 10, 2020

As we all sit idle in our homes waiting for the quarantine to end, we are in desperate need of something to do. As a rock climber, it's essential to keep up your muscle and tendon strength, or your first trip back may leave you sore or even injured. Your calluses are fading, you feel weaker, and you are just straight-up bored. We have three great methods to stay in peak physical condition for when you get back out to the gym.

1. A Hang board

If you have ever been to a climbing gym, which I would assume you have, you may have seen a hang-board. Either selling, showcasing, using, a hang board is a staple of every gym. Hang boards are a great way to keep up your finger strength without needing to actually climb routs. They will not only maintain your strength but increase it. The basic exercise is a dead hang from small holds. Mount the board so you can easily reach the holds. You should be able to lower your feet to the ground when you are ready to unweight your hands; letting go and dropping to the floor can strain and damage finger tendons. Just let yourself hang for as long as possible and time it. You can do 1 - 3 sets each day making sure that each set you have full strength. If you are consistent you should see results

You can find great quality hang boards like this Amazon bestseller for just $60 USD.

2. Metolius GripSaver Plus

Most of you have never heard of this product, but I assure you it is worth your time to look into. The grip saver meant to strengthen your finger tendons or in their words "your hand, wrist, and forearm effectively and safely." while also acting as a stress ball. I personally own this product and I can say right off the bat that it is fantastic for the price. If you pulled a forearm or sprained a finger the grip saver does an excellent job at stretching and relieving tension in the area. It's easy to use anywhere in your house and even works well as a fidget toy all the while your fingers build up strength.

You can Find the GripSaver on Amazon for just $18 USD.

3. Go Outdoor Climbing

Even if you have never tried outdoor climbing now is a better time than ever! Some national parks that contain boulders have free access due to the pandemic. If it is your first time, I would advise you to bring a crash mat, and helmets in case your boulder routs go south. One great example of outdoor climbing that I have visited personally is Devils Lake, Wisconsin.

They feature more than fifty routes and boulder and is a great place to go to spend quality time with friends. Outdoor climbing is a great all-day excursion that will surely strengthen your rock climbing game. Gym Climbers be prepared, outdoor climbing is much different from indoor. Bring food and water, and especially bring a phone in case of an emergency.

We hope everyone is able to cope during these uncertain times, we appreciate our emergency services and essential workers that are holding up our communal structure. Please don't put yourself at risk with anything on this list. Be smart and stay safe.

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