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Review: La Sportiva Finale

La Sportiva Finale is a fantastic choice for anyone just arriving to the climbing scene. The finale has an unlined leather interior and a simple yet efficient design. Some people might not enjoy this, but the shoe does come with laces and not velcro, but for a shoe that can provide such a great level of comfortability and all-around great work on the wall should reconsider. La Sportiva Finale comes with a generous price tag of just $100 on Amazon.

All in all, this shoe has made a name of itself and with so many great features it's hard to disagree.


XS Edge sticky rubber outsole,

A good outsole can lead to a good grip when on the wall. This shoe has 5mm XS Edge sticky rubber outsole which is relatively high quality in the current market. You will get excellent grip and sensitivity on the wall as well as great durability of course.


The Finale features a powerhinge design that allows the shoe to only stretch in the back half of the sole. This effectively leaves the toes firmly in place on the surface of the wall. Allows for exceptional edging performance.

Unlined leather uppers, As we said earlier, The finale comes with an unlined leather upper. This leather upper will ensure your easy fit and comfort while climbing. It gives the shoe a more soft feel really hitting home the idea of quality you see throughout.

Personally, I have a friend who has used this shoe for at least six months now. I have never heard one complaint about any specific trait. The shoe truly dips it's toes in every category you could look for but it never nails one thing.


La Sportiva Finale is a great shoe for anyone starting out, it has a sensitive and durable rubber, it's lightweight, cheap, compact, leather, and it only comes with laces.

As you could expect from almost any beginner shoe the toe box is not as pointed as some, with a relatively symmetrical toe box, it doesn’t shine at pockets or overhangs. The front sole of the shoe is flat with no downturn. It’s decent for toe-hooks but there’s noticeably less rubber on the top of the shoe than other models that are meant for bouldering or aggressive sport climbing.

The shape of the toe box denies some ability to scale near-vertical surfaces. But at the same time, the toe box helps with smearing and crack climbing.

Like I talked about before in the Features section, the finale has a tensioned heel rand and solid heel cup provide good support, but while that support delivers some performance, the tension is rather light. The heel has a good amount of rubber around the heel giving a dependable grip.


La Sportiva's Finale is by far one of the most popular and well-versed shoes on the market. They are always available and have a very generous price point. You could find these at almost and climbing related store.

The shoe spreads it's abilities wide giving you an edge in almost any scenario, the only unfortunate detail is that it does not really have one strong point. This may work well for beginners however because it suits to almost any climbing style and allows it's owner to find their favorite type.

If you don't want to break the bank and explore the world of rock climbing with a very versatile shoe, La Sportiva Finale might be your go-to option.

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