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Review: La Sportiva Miura VS

La Sportiva has made a name for themselves in recent years releasing quality shoe after quality shoe. La Sportiva Miura VS is no exception to this rule. The Miura VS is considered “high performance,” but it's actually an all-around tool that would improve every climber’s performance, no matter their skill level. It manages to master almost every climbing discipline and rarely lacks in any category. It's three velcro straps and advanced asymmetric design lends itself to being a very versatile shoe. The Miura's rubber has a perfect blend of stiff and soft that's designed for maximum performance when on vertical slopes and chips. using the same Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber as the genious, it has the same sensitivity and grip potential. The Miura VS also contains Sportiva’s patented P3 platform that retains the shoe’s shape, and hence performance, over a long lifetime.

You can find the La Sportiva Miura VS on Amazon.


Starting off with one of it's best features of many, the Miura's heavy asymmetric design really cracks down on even the thinnest of foot chips or features. The P3 platform we talked about earlier allows this immense power that can support your body weight on the most minuscule holds. The edging works well all around the shoe and gives the climber a wide variety of possible positions on the wall allowing you to shift seamlessly without fearing a fall.


One of the few things the Miura VS actually lacks is sensitivity however, it makes up for it with it's overly powerful edging capabilities. They may feel a bit stiff out of the box and may take some time to get used to but most of the time your lack of sensitivity will be overlooked by the ability to stand on features you didn't even know existed.


This shoe hands down was made for performance and nothing more. Don't expect this shoe to immediately be comfortable because quite frankly it won't. I would definitely recommend buying this shoe a half or full size up from your street shoe if you are looking for a more comfortable experience. The low volume toe box fits into thin cracks and likes to apply a to of pressure on your big toe.


The Miura's low volume and powerful edging make it a perfect pocket shoe. It's great on steep slopes that would put other shoes to shame, sticking into and hooking like no other. It's a great option if you are looking to climb overhang.


La Sportiva Miura VS only comes with velcro straps so no laces, it also has a leather upper section allowing some stretch but the ability to retain its shape. in terms of width sizes, it comes in only one size but I have heard no complaints about width fitting issues. Miura VS has 4mm Vibram XS rubber, it's very high quality and durable. The P3 plate allows for great longevity and keeps its shape and power over time.


For $185 USD on Amazon, the Miura VS is definitely on the more expensive side however we do think it is well worth the price. If you are looking for a real edge crusher that rarely lets up you have found the right shoe. Over a long time, the edging power may decrease a bit but it's still overall very durable.

You can find the La Sportiva Miura VS on Amazon.

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