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Top 4 Aggressive Climbing Shoes

We sifted through hundreds of some of the best aggressive climbing shoes to bring you our ultimate top 4 list.

4: Butora Acro

The Butora Acro is a great choice for both wide and narrow footed climbers for its stiff and sensitive edge, providing immense comfort and versatility. For indoor, outdoor, slab, or overhang, this shoe stands above many, The Butora Acro tends to have a bit too much space in its heels for the majority of climbers. They are still relatively new to the climbing scene and at a great price for the quality, this shoe can be picked up for $160 on Amazon.

Find Butora Acro on Amazon

3: Evolv Shaman

Evlov shamans are an ultra-aggressive sho designed by Chris Sharma. His unique "love bump" pushes your big toe forward with cleverly designed midsoles. love bumps allow you to stay snug in the front of the shoe without the pain of balancing the entire weight of your body on one toe. The Shamans compete with the modern group of high-end shoes that combine performance and comfort. They are excellent on steep angles.

However, testers tend to find them lacking on more technical, vertical terrain such as slab. Testers also suggest buying a half-size up from your street shoe size. They also stretch significantly over their lifespan, which generally tends to happen with the majority of synthetic based shoes. These shoes come at a similar price to our last ones at about $165.

You can find Evolv Shaman on Amazon

2: La Sportiva Genius

La Sportiva claims that the Genious is “the most advanced performance-built design on the market.“ and with a high price tag of nearly $200, you would hope they would be. Being one of the most Aggressive shoes on the market the genius performs outstandingly well on vertical, technical, terrains well as a fantastic heel hook and toe hook potential. The Genious uses Vibram XS Grip 2, this is Vibram’s softest and stickiest compound, which prioritizes sensitivity and grip over edging performance and durability. Unfortunately, this means that resoling generally will be more expensive due to the lack of edging material which requires a custom made sole. Overall the Sportiva Genious is a great option and definitely deserves to be on your radar when looking for more aggressive shoes.

You can find the La Sportiva Genious on Amazon

1: La Sportiva Miura VS

Take everything you know about the Sportiva Genious and add better edging, durability, and style. In our opinion, La Sportiva Miura VS is the most precise edging shoe on the market. It has three velcro straps and a not to stiff not to soft feel that is designed for maximum comfort when on vertical slopes and chips. using the same Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber as the genius, it has the same sensitivity and grip potential. The Miura tends to favor climbers with more narrow feet, but it would surely work with anyone. Its strong toe structure allows you to stand on the tiniest holds throughout your rout. We think you would be pleasantly surprised with how much this shoe truly accomplishes. Coming along with a general price of $180 this shoe quite expensive but still well worth the price.

You can find the La Sportiva Miura on Amazon

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