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Top 5 Rock Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

This is a topic that is more specific to certain people, but this is a common problem for rock climbers. Many people I know have to worry about the width of their foot fitting into the shoe, removing many top level shoes that other people would normally suggest. In this article, we are talking about the top 5 rock climbing shoes that are meant for people with a wider foot structure. Since this is a broader topic, this will instead list the top shoe for certain categories.

5: Best Beginner Shoe - La Sportiva Tarantula

This shoe is once again on a top 5 list. What can I say, it is one of the best beginner shoes out there. These are the perfect balance of comfort and performance. If you are starting out, this shoe will definitely last long enough until you get more experienced at rock climbing and need to upgrade to a more advanced, possibly more aggressive shoe. For an experienced climber already, I would go with any of the other 4 options above this, because of the shoe capabilities. But just because I have said this, do not underestimate the potential this shoe can have. I have seen multiple people use this shoe for years with great success. These shoes are also not too expensive at just under $100 on Amazon. For more information about this shoe, I have made a review about it specifically.

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4: Best All Day Shoe - Butora Altura

Many shoes cannot support your foot for a long period of time. This is where the Butora Altura comes in. This shoe has a rigid, flat structure meant for comfort and stability. With many similarities to the tarantula in regards to performance, for a beginner this is still a great shoe. The difference between the Tarantula's and these, however, is I would also recommend these to more experienced climbers as well. Now these would not be the absolute best shoes for competitions looking at ultimate peak performance, they can definitely last through training sessions. For an advanced rock climber, finding a shoe that can last an entire day of training without wearing out your feet, being able to increase your performance, and please those wider footed individuals, this shoe is an overall win. This shoe is more expensive than the Tarantula at around $160 on Amazon.

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3: Best Budget Shoe - Scarpa Helix

This shoe packs as much performance as the Butora Altura, but for about $70 less. The Helix is a slightly asymmetrical flat shoe, so it can keep a lot of comfort through its asymmetrical performance. The sole for this shoe is quite still, giving a lot of overall balance on most holds. I would recommend this shoe for people starting out, or for training purposes, similar to the Altura. The Helix can wear out your feet faster though, so keep that into consideration when comparing the two. This shoe comes with a naturally wider fit than most, but can stretch even more if needed. Despite the stretch, it can hold very well for a long time, so durability is not a problem. This shoe usually costs around $95 on Amazon, similar to the Tarantula.

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2: Best Bouldering Shoe - Scarpa Instinct VS

This is another very well known shoe, and one of my personal favorites. The Scarpa Instinct solves a problem many people have. Finding that perfect bouldering shoe no matter the size of foot. This is a shoe I can suggest to anyone, despite having a wide foot or not. Bouldering especially, you are going to find people wearing these shoes and for good reasons too. The moderate downturn of the shoe allows to balance between overhang and slab routes. It is a relatively comfortable shoe, allowing a good 90 minute training session to last. Your feet will not last longer than that without taking them off, however. This shoe usually costs around $185 on Amazon. It is more expensive, but you are getting quality for the cost. For more information about this shoe, I have made a review about it specifically.

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1: Top Performer - Butora Acro

If there is one shoe I would suggest over the rest, it would be the Butora Acro. This shoe works when bouldering almost just as well as the Scarpa Instinct, but can also excel at sport climbing or top rope. This is the most aggressive shoe on this list, so I probably would not suggest this as a first shoe. Besides that consideration, I would recommend this shoe to literally everyone else, especially that people that state they have extra wide feet. This shoe has a similar strap system as the Instinct, giving the shoe a glove like feel. It will need to be a little on the tight side in order to have the top performance. This shoe runs around $20 cheaper than the Instincts, at around $165 on Amazon.

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