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Top 5 Rock Climbing Shoes of 2020

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

As the world slows down, due to recent events, many people have resorted to large scale online purchasing. Because indoor climbing facilities and gyms across the globe are closed now may be the perfect time to join the masses and buy a new pair of climbing shoes. Luckily for you, we have compiled our top five 2020 climbing shoe picks as of April 2020.

5. La Sportiva Genious

La Sportiva calls the Genious, “the most advanced performance-built design on the market.“ and with a high price tag of nearly $200, you would hope they would be. La Sportiva Genius has a very aggressive style giving it great toe and heel hook potential performing outstandingly well of vertical and technical terrain. The Genius uses Vibram XS Grip 2, this is Vibram’s softest and stickiest compound, it prioritizes sensitivity and grip over edging and durability. This allows you to be a bit reckless on the wall and be confident that you won't slip. Unfortunately, the "no edge technology" means that resoling generally will be more expensive because it requires a custom made sole. Overall the Sportiva Genious is a great option and definitely should be one of your top options when shopping

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4. Butora Acro

The Butora Acro is a great choice for wide footed climbers. It has a stiff yet sensitive edge, providing immense comfort and versatility. The Acro is almost entirely coated in NEO Fuse sticky rubber prooving its use to be great for heel and toe hooks on overhang and vertical terrain. The Acro comes in narrow and wide foot sizes but as we said earlier, the acro is very well received by wide footed climbers.

This shoe can be picked up for $160 on Amazon.

3. Butora Endeavor

Butora's rise to fame over the last few years has been unexpected, to say the least. With quality shoe construction like this it's not hard to see why. The Endeavor is a great beginner go-to shoe for almost anyone. It's flat sole design and its leather/synthetic upper allows for all-day comfort in almost any setting. With a low price tag of just $100, the Endeavor provides outstanding durability and multiple designs to fit your needs. The Endeavor comes in either a slim or wide foot as well as zig-zag velcro strap designs. Overall the Endeavor has a very simple functionality that is incredibly easy to get used to and work with.

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2. Scarpa Instinct VS

The Instinct VS is one of the newest shoes from Scarpa and has quickly grown in popularity. I personally have seen this shoe featured in nearly every climbing facility I have recently visited and seen a multitude of people wearing it. the Instinct VS established itself as a great, Versatile, choice for both bouldering and sport climbing. The Instinct VS has a perfect ratio of rubber keeping it light and versatile. The rubber sole is thinner at 3.5mm allowing some sensitivity and flex. They are made with comfortable synthetic microsuede material giving a tight firm fit, they also have an elastic strap near the tongue to stretch and fit around your ankle like a sock. This model stands out to us as one of the best modern shoes on the market. Although the Instinct VS a relatively high price tag at $180, it's without a doubt worth every penny.

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1. La Sportiva Miura VS

Showing up once again on this list La Sportiva takes the number one pick for the all-around best shoes as of April 2020. Take everything we told you about the Sportiva Genious, add better edging, durability, and style. La Sportiva Miura VS is the most precise edging shoe on the market. It has three velcro straps and a not to stiff not to soft feel that is designed for maximum comfort when on vertical slopes and chips. using the same Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber as the genius, it has the same sensitivity and grip potential.

The Miura tends to favor climbers with more narrow feet, but it would surely work with anyone. Its strong toe structure allows you to stand on the tiniest holds throughout your rout. Somehow this shoe fails at almost nothing, whereas most other shoes tend to master one category and forget about the rest, the La Sportiva Miura VS is absolutely nothing but the best. The Miura VS comes with a worthy price tag of $180 sure to make nobody question their purchase.

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