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Top 5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a Pair of Rock Climbing Shoes

Looking for a new pair of shoes? You may be surprised when you first check online, the overwhelming amount of different shoe types. Before you choose, you need to understand a few variables...

1. How long have you been climbing?

We know that some people may be buying their first pair of shoes. If this is the case you need to figure out some of the basics. You need to know what kind of shoe will make YOU grow as a climber. If you are only a few months in we would suggest that you keep your shoes on the down-low, don't go out and buy the shoes you see all the pros wear. Something nice, comfortable, and flats soled are generally good choices until you know what you want. If you are a rather experienced climber we would suggest something to match your specific style. Understanding yourself comes with experience, so go out and get climbing.

2. What kind of climbing are you doing?

Quite possibly the most important thing you need to know before purchasing your shoes obviously is based on how you use them. Many shoes are made specifically for a certain type of climbing, whether that be a sport, outdoor, or trad, knowing which type of climbing you will participate in, is crucial to your shoe's performance on the wall. Even a very general and broad filter as this will cut your options down to a fraction of what they were.

3. What is your foot shape?

While comfort may not be everyone's concern when looking for shoes, fitting into your shoes will greatly increase performance.

Take a look at this image.

We have two feet of the same person wearing separate shoes. As you may notice they have rather wide feet. The shoe on the left has a glaring issue. The space in the to of the shoe is not filled because of his foot shape, while the shoe on the right fits much better. On the wall, this will drastically change performance. They will be more likely to slip off the wall when supporting your weight on the very tip of the shoe and even may injure themselves in the process. It's important when deciding which shoe to buy if they have a suitable option for you.

4. What's your budget?

This may seem fairly obvious but you may not find the most suitable show for you if your budget is too low. We would say you could most likely find a quality shoe to meet your needs on Amazon or any other retailers with a budget of $120 or more. We get that you don’t want to spend $175 on your first pair of climbing shoes, but if you are looking for quality you may need to prepare to spend a bit more than you initially expected.

5. What do other people say?

Take a second and go online. If you are considering buying specific shoes find out what people with first-hand experience say, no one will know better than them. They often provide information that can be easily overlooked when shopping on the retailer's website where they are trying to make the shoe sound irresistible. Typically people will try to give their honest opinion when not forced to so try to stay away from sponsored articles or reviews. websites like our own provide you with reviews based on the response of other seasoned climbers, so if you are considering a specific shoe, make sure to check out our reviews page and see if we have reviewed it.

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